We have the winners!

After a large number of "likes" in the last hours, which led to a change of the first classified, the beach / photo chosen was: Tarifa (Spain) sent by Ana Azevedo.

So one of the models of the next collection will have the name of this beautiful beach / region located in southern Spain. Prizes will be distributed by the following competitors:

1st Prize: Tarifa sent by Ana Azevedo with 72 likes  

2nd Prize: San Sebastian sent by Ricardo Loureiro with 57 likes  

3rd place: Nan Pai Yai sent by Maria Cecilia Fernandes with 23 likes  

4th place: Tulum sent by Tiago Costa with 9 likes  

5th place: Aruba sent by Luiz Jimenez with 7 tastes  


We thank to everyone that participated and voted in this summer contest.

The photo/beach that wins the contest: Tarifa (Spain)
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